8 tips for writing a captivating essay

Essay writing is an important way of improving and developing the writing skills and abilities of students. An essay should be captivating for both the reader and the writers. If you are trying to capture the interest of the reader, here are some excellent helpful tips below. By adopting these tips, you can increasingly improve your ability to influence the reader through writing. Furthermore, the use of some or all of these tips will help improve all aspects of your writing beyond essays.

  • The most important tip is choosing a striking title or headline. It is always the first thing a reader sees, and it sets the tone for the entire essay. Avoid general, boring titles. Try to pique some interest and set yourself up for a unique, entertaining and influential essay.
  • Try using interesting and surprising facts and figures while being sure to provide references backing up your claims. For example, if you were writing about insects, you could include the fact that the weight of all ants on the planet is equal to that of all humans. You could use a footnote to provide a credible reference for this figure.
  • Interesting and proven facts like this will help to build your own credibility while entertaining the reader and conveying your point.
  • Don’t be afraid to use humor, wit and jokes. Not everyone wants to be completely bombarded with numbers and facts. Throwing a bit of wit or a joke will help to keep the reader both interested and engaged.
  • Use quotations liberally. Many times a great quote by credible person can help drive home an important point or perspective. Don’t be afraid to use them.
  • While writing, imagine you are speaking to your reader. Read your essay out loud when you’re done and make sure you haven’t been longwinded. Watch out for awkward syntax. Reading something aloud is completely different than reading it in your head.
  • Don’t tell the reader you are experienced. Show them. Include sources, quotes, fact and figures that prove your experience and authority rather than outright stating it.
  • Thoroughly edit and proofread your essay. Beyond reading it aloud, make sure to proofread. Spelling and grammar mistakes can destroy the credibility of your writing.
  • Put a lot of thought and time into the conclusion. Make sure to not add any new information or discussion points. Summarize and emphasize. This is your last chance to remind the reader why your premise or point is correct.