Picking Up Interesting Essay Topics: 20 Suggestions For Middle School Students

Part of the usual curriculum for middle school students involves learning how to write a basic essay. Essay writing will become a large part of your education, beginning as early as the sixth grade, and lasting all the way through college. The basics of how to write a structured paper with an introduction, body, conclusion, and thesis statement are taught to middle school students. Not only does this teach writing skills like grammatical structure, but it also helps students learn how to organize their ideas with a logical progression. Because of this, writing essays is an important part of middle school learning.

In middle school, you may have to write papers for several different classes, especially English and history. You’ll usually have a lot of choice as to what topic you want to write about. It’s important to choose an essay topic that you’re actually interested in. Although you should adhere to any guidelines your teacher gives you for choosing a topic, you can often write about almost anything you want. The following is a list of twenty potential topics, which you can use to get some ideas for your own essay assignment.

  1. Should elementary and middle school students be allowed to have cell phones?
  2. Should the drinking age be raised to 21?
  3. Should the voting age be lowered, so that teenagers can have more participation in their government?
  4. Should schools switch from paper textbooks to completely digital ebook versions?
  5. Should the United States adopt universal healthcare?
  6. Should middle school and high school students be allowed to bring their personal laptops and tablets to school?
  7. Should governments place a tax on unhealthy foods to discourage people from eating them too often?
  8. Are modern airport security measures too invasive?
  9. What do experts think might be causing the decline in honeybee populations?
  10. Are factory farm practices ethically unacceptable?
  11. The effects of tobacco use on the human body
  12. The effects of “Big Box” stores on local economies and independent businesses
  13. How can homeowners conserve everyday energy usage?
  14. Pick a movie based on historical events, and discuss whether it depicts them accurately.
  15. Is nuclear power dangerous?
  16. Talk about a difficult choice you’ve had to make in your life.
  17. Is a Universal Basic Income a viable solution to the problem of poverty?
  18. Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets, like monkeys and tropical reptiles?
  19. Are endangered animals worth protecting?
  20. Should student athletes be required to take drug tests?