How to conduct an essay in 4 hours

Essay writing is a difficult task. You have to make sure that you completely follow instructions and answer every question in the assignment. Topics are varied and are usually about subject matter that is not common knowledge. Sometimes, you have a very short window of time in which to complete this assignment. It is a hard task, but not impossible.


Once you decide to tackle the project, the first step is to write down as many ideas, thoughts, statistics, and facts you know about the subject matter. Do not worry about complete accuracy or originality. Get as many ideas as you can down on paper in as short amount of time as possible. After exhausting all of your thought process, spend a portion of your allocated time on research. If you are near a library, go in and spend a little time looking up information. If not, use the internet to research as many facts as you can, making sure to validate them as being legitimate. You may also have academic texts or journals nearby, make sure to utilize them as well.


After you have gathered all of your facts, ides, and research, you can compare your research to your random thoughts. You use all of this information to create your outline, your working roadmap. You can spend a little time on this, more time than your thought process, but not as much as your research. You should draft a comprehensive outline with an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the body of your essay, you can list substantive facts and evidence which will support the conclusion at the end of the essay. Make sure that your outline addresses all the requirements of the assignment.

Writing process

Once you have a coherent outline, begin writing. Sine time is of the essence, do not worry about mistakes. You should write as fast as you can, getting as many sentences, paragraphs, and ideas down as quickly as possible. There should be some attempt to have a continuous and understandable flow to the essay. Also, you should try for a consistent tone throughout the entire work.


Once you have completed the writing portion of the assignment make the time to proof read and edit. Since you were writing so swiftly, there will be a ton of mistakes, both grammatical and spelling. This needs to be corrected. You should also take the time to carefully read through the essay looking for consistency in transitions and arguments. You are on a deadline, but you still want to create a quality product. Finally, make sure the assignment is complete and all of your desired arguments have been written into the text.