Creating Strong Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

When you are writing an essay that is argumentative or persuasive, you need to pick a side. You also need to ensure that the argument you select, by definition, has more than one side available. But this is not to say that you only write about the side you select. In fact, in order to present a strong argument while writing an argumentative piece, you have to acknowledge the opposition and present some information about it. You have to show the reader that you understand both sides. This should be something you keep in mind when you research and write your draft. So, if you are searching for a potential topic, read over the list below and consider which sides exist in the argument and which one you want to take:

If you prefer to write on a topic related to family, there are many available topics within a very wide niche. You can:

  • Create a paper that lists things every parent needs to know about how to raise their children and whether government mandated parenting classes (particularly with regards to health, safety, and development) should be required of all new parents
  • You can write about the impact that divorce has on different family members
  • Draft a paper that focuses on the hardships associated with same sex marriages, in a legal and social sense, and whether adoption should be legal for all couples
  • Write a paper that addresses how the idea of family differs in Asia, Latin America, and the United States
  • Address at what age it is ideal to marry and bear children

If you want to write about something unique, there is always the subject of fashion. It can stir debate, and is certainly not one of the most common topics:

  • You can create a paper that addresses the ethics of buying fur and wearing fur. Is there ever a time when it is acceptable? Such as with a vintage coat?
  • You can create an essay that addresses whether school uniforms should be a requirement or not
  • You can write about the different fashion styles throughout different decades
  • You can produce a paper that focuses on the influence European fashion has on the United States
  • You can write an essay addressing what impact sweatshops have had on the fashion industry