Frankenstein refers to a novel penned down by Mary Shelley. It is about eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein, an eccentric scientist who went on to create a very funny creature in what may be referred to as an unorthodox experiment of scientific origin. Frankenstein is enriched with some Romantic Movement and Gothic novel elements is also authoritatively considered to be one of the earliest known cases of science fiction.

The story book, Frankenstein has been written in epistolary form, which details an account of a correspondence that occurred between Captain Robert Walton and Margaret Walton Saville, his sister. Walton is described as a person who had no success in writing but against all odds focused on exploring the North Pole in order to expand his scientific knowhow for purposes of gaining fame. On their journey heading to North Pole, they spotted a dog sled led by a huge man. A couple of hours later, they rescued a man who was just to die from hunger and the biting cold of winter. His name was Victor Frankenstein. This fellow has been in hot pursuit of the huge man earlier observed by Walton and his colleagues. Frankenstein gradually starts to recover from the suffering that had surrounded him, and on sharing with Walton he sees exactly over-ambitiousness in him and starts to retell a story of the miseries that he had faced as a warning to Walton.

As a young man, Victor had been obsessed with studying theories of science that are totally outdated, which mostly focus on the achievement of natural wonders. For example, when he witnessed an oak tree struck by lightning, thereby disintegrating it into two pieces, he got the Sinspiration of harnessing the power generated by lightning. It was unfortunate that Victor’s mother succumbed to scarlet fever just some few weeks before he left for further studies to Germany at the University of Ingolstadt. He proved his intellectual ability at the university as he excelled in chemistry and other sciences hence developing a secret method of incorporating inanimate bodies with everyday life. This led him to model a reanimated creature.

The finer details of the construction of the monster are not well defined, but Frankenstein is forced by circumstances to make the figure about eight feet tall due to challenges of replicating the minute parts that characterizes the human body. On completion of his work, Victor did no feel at ease with his own creation hence leaving room and the monster. Funnily, the monster disappeared because of being unhappy with rejection.