Jesus Christ

The question of who Jesus Christ is or was is a question every person must face at some point. Many see Him as a good man and a good teacher who taught us to think differently and act morally. Others believe He was a misguided prophet who mistakenly thought that He was the Son of God. But orthodox Christians stand on the premise that Jesus Christ was in fact God in human flesh and that His death changed the history of the world. So who was Jesus Christ really?

Was Jesus Christ just a good man?

The words of Jesus Christ still have a deep effect on human beings today—even non-Christians who find His teachings revolutionary. Terms such as “Love your enemies,” and “Do good to those who spitefully use you,” were unheard of during the time of His life. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ also healed the sick, tended to the poor, and raised the dead. Because of His works, many will concede that He was a good man. But was that all He was?

Was Jesus a misguided wannabe?

Jesus considered Himself a prophet and claimed equality with God Himself. Because of these claims, the Jewish leaders of His time crucified Him at the hands of the Roman authorities. The fact that Jesus died on a cross was evidence enough to many that He was simply a misguided prophet whose claims were false. But the story does not end there.

Is Jesus Christ the Son of God?

According to many eyewitnesses in the Bible, Jesus rose from the dead after three days in a tomb. If scripture is anything to go by, this was proof positive that Jesus was in fact the Son of God. The fact that He was raised from the dead was a testament to the fact that God had accepted His sacrifice for the sins of the world. His resurrection also meant that He was the first of many others who would accept His sacrifice as atonement for their sins.

The life of Jesus Christ is recorded in the Bible as well as a select few Jewish and Roman historian recordings. While many people find that certain parts of His life and death are easy enough to believe, they find other aspects of His resurrection and deity are harder to swallow. In the end, those who believe in His death and resurrection must also conclude that He was in fact God in human flesh—and much more than a mere prophet or teacher.