A List of Good Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

Argumentative research papers pursue the goal of teaching students the basics of logical argumentation, which is necessary for developing persuasive skills and unlocking oratorical talents.

If you are stuck at the very first stage of your work and feel unable to make the right topic choice or even formulate one, take a look at the following ideas:

  1. Every state should make couples who want to get a divorce go through some counselling sessions before they get it.
  2. Explore the reasons that make people terminate their marriages; find out whether it is possible to save some of them by making couples visit family counselors.

  3. Drug testing at work should be abolished because it violates the privacies of the workers.
  4. Write about the reasons that make the testing procedure necessary; organize a poll to find out whether privacy rights are more important than people’s safety.

  5. Novels that include mature content should be banned in schools.
  6. Decide whether novels such as Lady Chatterley’s Lover should not be studied, and the way they may harm teen mentality.

  7. Children should not be given access to social networks until they are 16.
  8. Dwell on the negative consequences of the overuse of social networks, and the dangers that are associated with them. State whether teenagers should be granted access to them without parental control.

  9. Arts education should be a compulsory part of school curriculum.
  10. Explore the positive effects art has on the development of a personality. Prove that it is necessary for every child to study music, painting, sculpture, or dancing.

  11. Social networks should be controlled by the government.
  12. Dwell on the potential dangers of social networks, study the cases of cybercrimes, and prove the necessity of governmental control.

  13. Parent-teacher conferences should be held every week.
  14. Explore the ways parents can get information about their children’s progresses; organize a poll to find out how often parent-teacher meetings should be held.

  15. Cyberbullies should be taken to court and punished.
  16. Explore the ways cyberbullying can harm people, and the ways this crime is punished. State whether it is enough to stop this kind of crime.

  17. Video games with a lot of violence should be banned.
  18. Explore the influence of violent games on human mentality; state whether these types of games should be abolished.

  19. National security should be placed above any privacy rights.
  20. Write about privacy rights that can be violated for the sake of the country. Organize a poll to find out whether other people feel the same way.