Argumentative Research Papers: Professional Writing Suggestions

What are argumentative research papers?

An argumentative research paper is aimed at convincing the reader to a certain topic with enough logical arguments and supporting evidence. The purpose of an argumentative research paper is to write in a way that you are able to convince your readers to your point by the conclusion. Now you understand that it is not easy to convince people to something they have no clue about or believe the opposite of it. You might be able to pull off with supporting data and relevant information, but how will you manage to make someone believe in your ideas. Here are a few suggestions that will help you to write an effective research paper.

Professional advice for argumentative research papers

Professionals have a way of doing things. They do not attempt all kinds of paper in the same way. People even specialize in argumentative style, descriptive style, comparative, and other styles of writing. This way they can focus on what they do best.

The approach towards the paper

For a professional who will write and argumentative essay, the most important thing is his approach towards the paper. People usually think a good topic will be enough to compose a good paper; however, that is not the case. The topic does not decide the success of your paper, approach does. It is the approach of the writer towards a topic, which can make it stand out or not.

Understanding your target audience

The second important thing in your paper is how well you know your readers. You must be able to answer a few questions to determine your target audience:

  • What age group does your paper aim at?
  • Are you targeting a certain gender in your paper?
  • Is there a specific social class that will relate to your paper?
  • Does your paper have enough data to change a life?

The answer to these questions will help you will develop the focus of your paper.

Adding relevant facts

Words are not enough to make some believe on something. People will not agree to something as good or bad only because of your personal experiences and opinion. You need to support your points with relevant data in history. You should try to find stats that are recent and valid.

In addition, these will help in develop a strong argument:

  • Quoting relatable examples
  • Appealing to ethos, logos, or pathos