Reflective essay ideas: brainstorming worksheet

For each potential topic that you are thinking about writing about, you need to brainstorm in order to determine which one is the best for you. The following worksheet questions can help you narrow your selection so you can choose the best topic for your reflective essay.

Are you being complete? You cannot write a reflective essay that covers every important thing you have ever done or every major event that happened to you. You can however make sure that what you do decide to write on is covered completely and comprehensively. Make sure everything points to the overall topic or theme of your paper and that you discuss your topic completely and address all the key points and aspects.

Is the topic unique? You may not be the only one who has had success or failure but your experiences are unique to you in some way shape or form. So even if you are talking about a common topic, such as being recognized for an achievement or how a failure helped motivate you to try harder, make sure you talk about the things that make it unique and interesting for your reader to sit through and read.

Will the readers want to read your essay? A truly good writer can make any topic interesting to read, but do yourself a favor and try to find and interesting topic to begin with. It will make for less work for you in the long run.

Try to select a topic that will naturally be easy to write, easy to research, and easy to make interesting. The reader wants to be informed and entertained as they read your essay so do all that you can to make sure they do not get bored or frustrated while reading your essay.

Will you have enough details for the topic? Make sure you are able to write enough about the topic you have chosen for your reflective essay. You should have a good enough understanding of the topic and have enough details to list about your chosen points to fill out your essay. Quality should always come before quantity but you do need the paper to be long enough to effectively cover the topic.

With these simple tips in mind, you can get a good head start on your reflective essay and be able to write an essay that is clear, direct, effective, informative, and entertaining.