Picking Up Strong Term Paper Topics: A List Of Fresh Ideas

It is term paper time once again, and you need a fresh and original topic. You have gone through your course notes and material, and nothing seems to grab your attention. It is time to think outside the box, and take an intellectual walk around the information park. You are sure to track down a topic that will inspire you to write a top notch term paper. Here are some fresh ideas:

  • A List Of My Favourite Things
  • What (or who!) do you fall asleep thinking about at night? Is it a Lamborghini, or a girl named Sue? Is it your cat, the neighbour's dog or the guy who sits next to you in class that has your attention this week? See what your course supervisor has to say about your ideas. There may be a way to come up with a grade A term paper.

  • The Best And The Worst Of Times
  • Instead of focusing on a thing, place, or person as the topic for your term paper, consider using an event instead. It could be a discovery, a speech, or a protest that impacted the subject of your course. Or perhaps there were outside events that changed the way that we now think about your field of study. Consult with your instructor to see if there is a way to approach your term paper from this angle.

  • Stir The Pot, And Add A Cup Of Controversy
  • Don't be afraid to invite controversy to the term paper table. You could always explore an issue that is hot at the moment, and enjoying the attention of the media. For example, cyber-stalking and the governments ability (or inability) to deal with the problem. Or go for a tried and true topic that always gets everyone's temperature rising. Assisted suicide would be one idea. But try to approach it from a unique or less explored angle. Should the national health care system cover the cost of assisted suicide if it were to be legalized?

  • Money, Money, Money
  • It may not buy you love, but it will get you pretty much everything and anything else that is on the market today. Are there, or have there ever been, any societies that did not use money, but operated their economies solely by bartering and direct trades? It's a question we can't answer, but maybe your next term paper could!