Composing Unique Essay Topics For College In English

If you want to come up with a unique essay topic, then you have find something different and unusual to write about.  You can do this by things of questions that are creative and are something that you never thought about before.  The best essay topics are on you, ones where you have to show your emotions or personality to the reader.  These can see like simple questions when you look at them but once you start really thinking about the content of them, you essay will go a completely different way.

When you are writing any kind of essay, there is always a question that you are going to answer by the end of the paper.  The best and most unique essay topics are usually about you.  This is why these topics are so unique because we are all different in our own special way.  We are unique and since we are unique then your essay topic will be unique as well.

Unique Essay Topic Questions

  • What Is Important To You And Why?  There is always a million things going on in our lives at once but out of all of that, what is most important?  Is it school, family, success, or some other unseen force that no one sees?

  • What Is Your Favorite Word And Why Is This Word Your Favorite?  Remember in elementary school when you would learn a new word that you really like and you would use it every chance you get.  What is your favorite now and why?  Is it because of the way it sounds, do you like the way it rolls off your tongue, or is it because it’s funny to say.

  • What Is Your Top Ten List?  We see top ten lists all the time on various subjects but what is your top ten?  This can be you achievements, goals, or anything that you see as your top ten.

  • What Makes You Really Angry And What Are You Doing About It?  There are a lot of issues in the world today that make people very angry but no one is really doing anything about or are you.  Everyone has one thing that they believe in, take that and write about it.  This topic will show your passion on the subject.

  • Pick A Protagonist That Had To Make A Difficult Decision, Do you Agree Or Disagree with His Or Her Decision?  

When you are on the outside looking in on someone else’s life, it can be difficult to watch them doing things that you might disagree with or even agree with.  Picking a character from a movie or book that has made a decision like this can make for an unique essay topic.