Conducting a descriptive essay from scratch

Writing a descriptive essay is a good writing exercise that helps both the reader and the writer understand how much our senses are connected to one another through critical thinking and creative writing concepts. The main goal is to create a clear picture for the reader when you describe your topic or main idea. It helps to choose something different or unusual that can encourage original written material only you can create. The following points can help you further understand how to write your descriptive essay from scratch.

  1. Think about your topic and what you want to write about. What do you want to describe and why? It can be a person of significance to you, an event you experienced, or a place you visited. Anything you feel comfortable talking about in written form that will allow you to be descriptive in detail can be helpful during the writing process.
  2. Write your descriptive essay draft. This may include writing an outline prior to get started but it can help you understand your topic in general. This will also give insight on what areas you need to provide descriptive details. The main idea is to show and not just tell. It is a matter of understanding figurative language. You may want to take notes before writing your draft on details you need to include to create a concrete image.
  3. After writing your draft, take time to revise your essay. Review how well content helps connect the reader through the 5 senses. Can the reader make a clear picture in their mind based on the information you provided? You will have an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion as the basic structure for your essay. How well does the information you have included follow logically for the reader?
  4. Edit your essay. This is a good time to compare your written content with guidelines and instructions for the assignment. Proofread for errors, check overall style of content, and make sure it is clear. Adverbs and adjectives are helpful in getting your point across and painting an avid picture, but try not to go overboard when using them.

Other Information to Consider When Writing the Descriptive Essay

In order to better understand context and language regarding how to write you essay, it helps to read sample essays of similar nature. You should note how your senses are affected as you read it and how to produce the same effect on your own.