I Have No Time to Write My Paper!

If you’re frustrated and sitting at home looking at a white screen with a flashing cursor on it fuming about how this paper is taking up valuable time that you don’t have any way just before you start feeling guilty about not managing your time wisely and then sit in front of the still blank, white screen only to realize you’ve just wasted ten minutes thinking about how much time you don’t have… you’re not alone.

Everyday there are a ton of people who sit in front of their laptop, desktop, pad of paper, or tablet and think these very same thoughts. Now, you could beat yourself up over the fact that you have no time to write your paper or you could strategize about how you can solve this problem you seem to be the only person (in your mind) facing. So you are short on time. Who isn’t? Tons of people every day have things that get left to the next day simply because they have run out of time and their bodies cannot stay alert and focused any more. This is the reason that a lot of people hire assistants.

So the question is, why couldn’t you hire an assistant even if you don’t have the money to put one on the payroll to run your daily errands for you? And the answer would be that you actually can. Having trouble making deadlines is an age-old problem that has plagued many people in many different stages of their lives. You happen to have the particular problem of not having enough time to write a paper. Why not hire an assistant to help you with that?

Creative people all over the world will literally spend hours doing the research for you and putting together a paper that you can go over later and proofread in order to make it your own. If you don’t want to fully purchase a paper from a company, you can have them do the research and summarize what you need to know. Put a job out in message boards for writers or on sites customized to find professionals who are looking to make some extra spending money and see how many responses you will get back. The amount will surprise you. If you don’t have the time to gather the research and put together a paper, there is someone out there willing to do it for you.