How To Use A Free Essay

Once you obtain a free essay from the internet, there are various ways you can use it to get some benefit from it. The first way to NOT use it is to put your name on it and hand it in. The problem with taking this “easy way out” is that it’s plagiarism to do that, and hundreds of other unwise students have done it before.

Can you imagine your instructor’s response if you handed in the same essay that students have handed in before? It would be disastrous! You risk being expelled from the program, and your good name would be tarnished.

Best ways to use a free essay:

  1. Write down any patterns you can see. For example, how many words per sentence, on average? How many sentences per paragraph, on average? How many paragraphs in the body – not counting the opening and closing paragraphs.
  2. Dissect the opening paragraph. How did the writer catch the reader’s attention? Was there a question asked? Did the writer lure the reader with a little bit of intrigue, to suck the reader into finishing the whole essay to satisfy the intrigue?
  3. Study the concluding paragraph. Did the writer re-state the problem or question? Was there a final call for the reader to be persuaded to the writer’s point of view? Look for the wording that leaves the reader thinking and pondering about the essay.
  4. Use the bibliography as a guide. If your essay requires a bibliography you can use this one as a pattern.
  5. The body. The body of the paragraph contains the supporting statements or evidence for the essay. It contains the stories or personal accounts, depending on the type of essay. Count how many main points the writer used. Was it one main point for each paragraph? How was it organized?

Take all the above 5 points into consideration. Study each one and make a plan of how your essay will utilize the best features of the free essay. Remember that the free essay is a pattern for you. Look at it from that perspective and it will become a very useful guideline in writing your own winning essay.

Using free essays as a jumping board is a very effective strategy to get your own essay started. Sometimes the planning of the essay is the hardest part. Once you have gone through the free essay and garnered all you can from it, writing your own essay will seem very simple and easy to start.