Creating an interesting argumentative research paper

Argumentative research papers have been assigned for many decades, which means that there are very few interesting topics left to research. Fortunately, every issue has several sides to it, which means that students can still create something interesting if they are brave enough to argue an unpopular side. Sadly, many students are stuck only looking at the popular opinions, so they end up writing papers arguing topics that have been argued over and over again.

Your Research Paper Does Not Define Who You Are: Be Different

Something to remember about writing is research paper is that it does not define the writer. Let’s say you decide to write about freedom of speech. Most people would argue that freedom of speech is a right that should be maintained. However, if you want to write something new and interesting, you could write about how freedom of speech should be taken from a certain group of people. Maybe, you argue that people who receive federal disability benefits should not have the right to vote (which is a form of freedom of speech). No one would expect that anyone would argue this opinion, which is what makes it interesting.

Include Your Voice and Other Considerations

While research is required for any argumentative paper, it is the author’s voice that makes a paper interesting. Professors like to read their students’ opinions, not just quotes and paraphrases of ideas that other people had. These are a few other ways to make research papers interesting:

  • Include unexpected examples to explain concepts
  • Share your voice and your experience
  • Add anecdotes because the audience can connect through stories
  • Use vivid verbs in active voice rather than linking verbs in passive voice
  • Avoid using words like very, thing, awesome, great, and amazing
  • Do not be afraid to make your reader feel emotions because it proves they are relating to you

Follow the Requirements and Include Your Personality

When you write an argumentative research paper, there are particular formatting styles that need to be followed. As long as you follow the requirements that you professor set, you should try hard to include your personality in the paper. You should always stay professional in style, rather than conversational, but each example and anecdote you include will tell your readers what kind of a person you are.

Consider the Audience

Always consider the audience and what it would be like to read 100 or more papers each year about any issue relating to abortion. Show your professor you care about she reads - write an interesting research paper.