Where To Look For Great 6th Grade Narrative Essay Examples

A narrative essay is not fiction nor is it research but instead combines elements of both. You will be expected to write about an event in your life but to make sure that you show a lesson that was learned.

You cannot just relate facts. Instead you will be expected to show not tell with vivid descriptions. So you must not say it was sunny with a breeze to keep us cool say instead something like the sharp shadows of the leaves danced in the light breeze.

This type of paper is a foundation stone for people who wish to study journalism later. You will also find it is the basis for memoirs and autobiographies.

Life may not have a story arc, but events in life can fit into a story arc if you begin and end your paper in the right places.

Brainstorming for ideas

  • The obvious place for research for this type of paper is your own memories. Think over past events and jot down two or three that fit with the idea of a lesson learned.

  • If it was a sporting event that your parents took you to, perhaps you could find more details in back issues of a paper – many papers put their back issues online for people to view. That way you can get details that you might have missed from your personal perspective. If it was a happy memory then you probably remember sunshine, even if it was cloudy. And with our sad memories we usually remember rain, but it might have been bright sunshine. It is an extra way of showing your emotions.

  • A good place to check to spark memories is old photo albums, whether digital or in a physical book. You can see who was present at the party where everything went disastrously wrong, but in a funny way now you think back on it.

Where to find examples

  • The best place to find specimens of 6th grade essays is your school library. They will have a number of how-to books and those show the sort of writing expected.

  • But it is late evening and the paper is due tomorrow! There is a lesson in itself, but you can check online writing labs if you are desperate. They often post samples on their home page as a way of attracting new customers. You might find a sample there.

  • If you have time and you are completely stuck, ask your class teacher. They often keep copies of the best work from students, because of this situation. But use it as a last resort because it may display a lack of initiative.