Compare and Contract Essay Topic Ideas

Coming up with a clever compare and contrast essay topic for your essay takes some special consideration. In this article we are going to provide 3 helpful suggestions for brainstorming a great compare and contrast idea. These include, considering your own interests, reading plenty of examples, and getting help if you need it. If you follow this advice then you should have no problem imagining a great paper concept for your term paper.

  • Consider your topic carefully
  • The best student papers are written on subject matter that the author feels strongly about. For this reason the best way to find a good topic idea is to think about different ideas that you may be interested in studying.

    Remember compare and contrast papers must “compare” two differing concepts. Try to think about two similar ideas that are related and how they are different as well. A good example of this would be how high school has changed with modern technology in comparison to in the past before the Internet.

    Your paper should also take a stance one way or another. If this was your topic you would want to state whether or not technology has made high school better or worse for students and why.

  • Read Examples
  • If you are not certain how to handle compare and contrast essay topic, it may be a good idea to read some examples. Referring to professionally prepared writing samples will provide you with a good sense of how to compose a successful compare and contrast paper. This is because you will see how expert writers have tackled this tricky style of writing.

  • Ask For Help
  • If you have come up with a great topic, and read some similar examples but you still aren’t sure how to go about writing your paper then it may be a good idea to ask for help. There are a few different places that students can go for writing assistance. These include other classmates, their teacher/instructor, or even online writing tutors. If you make use of these resources then you will get the guidance that you need to write your paper with ease.

Even if you have a great topic in mind, turning it into a compare and contrast paper takes some work. If you consider some different angles and read a few examples you should get a good sense of how you approach your assignment. If all else fails do not be afraid to ask for help. You’d be surprised at how much your writing will improve if you consider this advice.