Choosing psychology research papers format

Choosing a psychology paper format may have you stressed out, but it doesn't have to. If you know the basics of a psychology paper and the different types of format you can easily choose the format best suited for your topic and write a well-rounded and well-researched psychology paper.

The Basics

The basics of a psychology paper won't differ much from a regular research paper. You need an introduction paragraph, a conclusion, and at least three paragraphs to support your theory or thesis. You also need to have at least three points with cited facts to support your thesis, and a Reference or Works Cited page at the end that properly identifies where you obtained your information. These are standard for any type of paper you will write, but the format in which you write is a different story and can alter the way your paper is written.

The Formats

By now you've probably figured out there are many different ways to write a paper. Which one will you choose and which is best for you? To determine that you need to know the different formats available to you.

For any paper, the American Psychological Association (APA) style is the most common. With APA style, nothing is 100 percent specific with regards to writing a psychology research paper, so make sure you consult the basics of this particular format, and then follow any additional instructions your professor may have for you on the paper.

Case study reports need you to include a detailed history of the patient, a description of the problem they are having, a diagnosis, and a discussion of treatments and why you'd choose such a treatment.

A lab report would be something like a journal articles, but each professor will have different needs and wants for the report, so follow instructions carefully. You should always have a clear overview of the experiment or study you conducted and a concise conclusion.

In a critique paper, you need to outline the original paper, what the person found, and why you agree or disagree. Also, list very specific ways in which you would have done things differently and why.

Writing a well-rounded and thoroughly-researched psychology paper isn't that difficult if you know the basics for any paper and the type of format you'd like to use. You will need to have an introduction, conclusion, body of evidence, and a page dedicated to honoring your sources. Aside form that, though, the style in which you choose to write and reference sources is totally up to you and the format you are most comfortable using.