Problems Facing Urban America

Urbanization is a subject that has been a reality all over the world both in the developing and developed countries. Its challenges have been felt and they can really be disturbing without a proper strategic plan. The issue is not new to the United States of America and is still an important subject of discussion even today. Following the end of the WWII, a period of disinvestment in urban America was signaled. Deindustrialization, suburban flight and automobile-based sprawl led to a massive population along with a loss of jobs in the cities that had driven the economic growth of America for the preceding century. As some cities started to rebound throughout the 1990s, some like Cleveland and Detroit cities have experienced a declining trend during the same time.

The manner in which urban cities in America acknowledge the realities facing them due to urbanization and their ability to reconfigure physical environment with the re-use of surplus buildings and land targeting the resources for purposes of capitalization on the available assets are certainly important in determining the ability to withstand the continued changes or gain vitality as strong urban centers. Dealing with urban America challenges requires efforts of regeneration needed to focus on the modern goals of strengthening the basic areas through the building of important institutional, physical and economic assets; the preservation of feasible residential housing and neighborhood along with the identification of lasting non-conventional and green uses for vacant buildings and lands.

The problems that face urban America constitute a lack of planning strategically to revitalize order in the management and sharing of the little resources found in such a region. The allocation of resources can be made possible in urban centers through the management of land inventories, and tracking economic growth. These challenges can further be addressed through the reutilization of urban land, investment on transformative change for stabilizing the economy and offer jobs for the inhabitants.

Urban America problems include those of housing, land use and distribution of resources promptly and evenly. A revitalized neighborhood would require the development of sustainable residential places to strengthen it. It is therefore important to create a balance of affordable housing for low income residents with a proper federal program. The coordination of federal resources should be directed towards the older cities that re distressed in multiple programs by the federal government. Urban issues in America can be solved through a holistic approach aimed at ensuring proper planning and resource distribution.