10 things to know about essay writing

Although some people may believe that education simply does not have the same value as it used to have, the truth is that being an educated person is still important. Going through school is more than just grades and diplomas, but it is about getting used to the fact that you will have to learn new things throughout your entire life. It is about acknowledging that you will always have to constantly perfect yourself. It is about friends, about assignments, about responsibility and about skills.

One of the things you will most likely have to do in school (be it middle school, high school or college) is writing essays. The truth is that sometimes, regardless of how good you are with a particular subject and regardless of how interested you are on it, you may find it difficult to actually express your thoughts, your knowledge and your opinions in writing. If you want to find out more about essay writing and how to make your essays better, then do read on.

  1. Essays are probably the trickiest academic pieces of writing because they willl have to be formal, yet they will have to have your personal touch on them as well. It can be hard to find a balance between the two of these, but once you do this, you will have made your essays about 50% better.
  2. You have to have structure. An essay without a structure is a simple ramble of thoughts. Use an introduction, at least two arguments that sustain your opinion as the content of the essay and make sure to write a good conclusion.
  3. When writing the introduction, make sure to be very clear about your opinion.
  4. As a matter of fact, be very clear and concise throughout the entire essay.
  5. Avoid long and winding sentences. They will eventually make you “lose” the reader.
  6. When writing descriptive essays, make sure that you “show” rather than “tell”. For instance, do not simply say someone or something is beautiful. Instead, show the reader what it is that makes it beautiful.
  7. Use personal markers such as “I” and “in my opinion”, but make sure that you don’t use them in the conclusion paragraph. You have to be very bold and strong there and this kind of words will make you seem unsure of yourself.
  8. Never forget about linking words. “First of all”, “second of all”, “in conclusion” and all the similar phrases will give the actual structure of your essay.
  9. Bring valid arguments and develop them very clearly, so that you make yourself understood.
  10. Write powerful conclusions and bear in mind the fact that the last sentence is the one that will actually “stick” with your reader.