Buying Essays Online - The Right Choice?

The right choice when it comes to buying essays online is to write your own paper if it’s an essential class to your major. We’re talking about material you should know and will need to know at some point in your career. Now there are situations where it’s okay to buy an essay:

  • You know the material and feel you won’t need to do an essay for the benefit of better absorbing the information through research and writing.
  • You have an extremely tight schedule—multiple important things going on—that would cause some of your other classes to take the backseat.
  • You are handling one or several other essays and won’t have the time to take on one later in term if they’re due around the same time.

These reasons are cutting it close or rather thin, but time restraints is one reason essays don’t get done.


Buying most things online would be approached with some apprehension. Some sites could be scam sites; others could be legit sites with bad customer service. If it is a legit site, the prices offered might be way beyond what a struggling college student could afford anyway.

Take the practice of changing per page. In essence it’s not a bad idea at all. If a student doesn’t want to do the work, they might as well pay…after all you can’t get off with inexpensive work as well. Sometimes an essay can run you into the hundreds range.

As a matter of fact, you will pay quite a bit if you’re closing in tight on a deadline. In short, the fewer days that the research paper is due in, the more you will pay the essay site.

Quality of Work

The quality of work on these sites could vary. Sometimes looking at the way the site is written could throw you off buying research papers from them. Grammar mistakes and spelling errors might be few and far between, but would still be noticeable.

It’s best not to use the website’s grammar and spelling as your guide. Some of their hired writers could be extremely good at essays and deliver great work. Some sites have samples of their writers’ work up for you to examine.

As with any service you’ll get some good and some bad, some legit and some scams. If you’re unsure, it’s best to type the name of the site and an extra prompt to see forum opinions or anything else if possible.