Building an “Against School Uniforms” Essay Argument

School uniforms – is there any student that does appreciate them? It’s probably unlikely. The debate over school uniforms has been raging for generations. Some schools have learned to one side, and some the other. Now, it’s time for you to address the issue. You’re likely on the preferable side of the fence – the side that claims school uniforms are not the best way to go. If you’re standing behind this essay argument, however, you’ll need to do your homework. It’s not enough to cite your personal preferences; to craft a truly persuasive and professional essay, you’ll need more than your own opinion.

Pointers for Your Essay

In your essay against school uniforms, you’ll need to stay clear, organized and concise. The more cluttered and unreliable your essay, the less people you’ll convince to your side. The best place to start is a planner or outliner. Use an outlining tool to identify your major points. What are some big, overarching reasons that schools should not implement uniforms? Once you have your basic reasons, add in your research, surveys or other supporting data that will beef up each point. This outline will, almost literally, transform into your essay. Each point can transfer into a paragraph, and you’ll find your essay an easy read – so long as you plan ahead!

Another point to remember is that persuasive writing is not overwhelming writing. You’re trying to convince your reader to think your way, but you don’t want to browbeat them. Present your evidence in a logical way, supported by evidence and fact rather than passion and opinion. This will make you a more credible source and inspire your audience to take your side – even if it wasn’t there’s to being with.

What to Avoid

A persuasive essay against school uniforms is not a green light to degrade the idea of school uniforms. Remember, your essay should be fueled by fact, no opinion. Support every point you make with concrete evidence. If you don’t have supporting details, then your essay will not only be weak, but extremely difficult (if not impossible) to get through.

Also ensure that you avoid repeating yourself, and one-sided arguments. The fact that you’re writing a persuasive essay denotes that there is an opposing argument – don’t avoid it. Confront opposing viewpoints head-on, but in a respectful way. Also make sure that you separate your points into manageable chunks, so that you avoid repeating the same thing over again.