Brainstorming a Good Introductions for Research Papers

Discovering how to be creative in the writing process has a lot of different moving parts to it. One of the most important elements to a good research paper is the introduction. This is the invitation to a reader to sit down and read all about what you have written. It should be a summary of your ideas that introduces your thesis statement and allows a reader to understand what will be learned if the paper is read. Developing a list of the best methods for doing this can determine everything from how enjoyable it is to read the paper to the grade a paper will receive. Learning how to brainstorm appropriately will allow a writer to achieve a great introduction quickly and easily.

Free Write Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a process of collecting a wide variety of examples in order to complete any project. Writing an introduction for a research paper is no different. Free writing is exactly what it says, you write what comes to your mind without limitation or judgment. Set a goal for a specific time frame and then begin to write. You know what your term paper topic is, keep the focus on that and write introduction after introduction. Just let them flow, without worrying too much about facts or even grammar. All mistakes can be refined or corrected later in the process. This is a brainstorming session designed to provide a student with several great options for an introduction for their research paper.

Brainstorm with Peers

Two heads are usually better than one. This is true in the brainstorming process. It will often be a benefit in the process to include one or two of your peers as you plan your topic. Challenge each other to come up with great ideas for your introduction. List them out so that you can compare and contrast each example. What often happens is that the final decision will include parts of several of the samples. The writer needs to make the final decision, because it is their paper and assignment. Having help coming up with ideas is great, making decisions is best accomplished as an individual.

Finding Relevant Examples

All great research writers are going to include great examples as a part of the brainstorming process. If a writer lacks the time to organize peers or lacks intelligent people willing to help. There are many examples of great writing available on databases and internet sites to use for brainstorming purposes. A writer can collect a large cache of examples that can be compared and contrasted for style and content. The writer then chooses the ones that they feel are more representative of their paper and uses them to write an original and interesting introduction for a term paper.