A List Of Extraordinary Essay Topics For University Students

One of the major task that you will have to complete at the university is writing essays. It is an essential task for all college students regardless of what class they are in. some math classes will even require that you write an essay or two. It is just a very efficient way of distinguishing whether a student truly understands a topic.

Most of the other evaluation tools don’t totally determine how much you actually know about a topic. For example, a multiple choice test can also be considered a multiple guess test. A student has a twenty five percent chance of getting it right and if they eliminate an option or two, it goes up from there.

Therefore, you need to learn how to master the art of essay writing. One of the key ways to master every essay is to choose a good topic when you have a choice to. The topic is so essential to your success. Choose a relevant and unique topic that interests you. You have to choose a topic that you find interesting because you usually know some basic information about stuff that interests you and that will help you develop some good ideas on it.

Here are some topics that are extraordinary and will help you start to brainstorm some good topics:

  1. Do abstinence programs really work?
  2. Are there reasons why it would be okay to break the law?
  3. Should students have to wear uniforms in school?
  4. Should the Medicare program be reformed?
  5. Why students should be allowed to use their cell phones in school
  6. Who was your most influential teacher and why?
  7. What made you decide on your major?
  8. What effects do your peers have on you?
  9. Why do some students cheat?
  10. Why are there more students taking online classes?

Once you have chosen a topic, make sure that you can develop a strong thesis statement and at least three supporting reasons. If you can’t pull this off, than you should choose a different topic. It will make sure that you can develop a solid paper from your topic choice. Not every topic is good for everybody. If you have never heard of the topic, then skip it. Chances are you won’t be able to develop a really good paper on something you don’t understand. But if you strive with a conflict, then learn something new.